Please Someone Help Me,4 Years I thought they would stop,but those hungry to bring pain to others never stop.


About PastorArron

I am a man whom has been attacked for 4 years now,But I surrendered my intire life to Jesus Christ Our Lord & Savior,I thought after making it out of Nebraska Alive and to Minnesota and The Mayo Clinic I could if I lived put the peices scattered of my life back together,The FBI contacts every Blog with lies,They contact websites that ive payed for including domain names and they are taken,When I write about Gods Salvation they delete it.Every single thing ive tryed to accomplish to better my life they destroy.I have never commited a crime except decades ago i had a few dui's.I have never even had a speeding ticket yet all of my constitutional rights are being stripped. I dont know what they are saying to people but the day will come when they will be asked to take a polygragh test and THEY WILL REFUSE! I am trying to get Gods house built so that I might be a good Servent to our Lord Jesus Christ,I am an Ordained Minister,For no other reason than to serve God,When will someone please help me,I have done so much to help those in need,These 4 years of attacks are unfounded.The (Minneapolis FBI) Are not just breaking American Laws but they are breaking international Laws.Where is my Government? Why are they turning a blind eye to this?I cant amagine that this could happens to someone whom has done nothing wrong.Why isnt the media investigating this?One web company did say no,I dont have their permission to say their name but God Bless them,I pray that Wordpress does not listen to the lies ether,Straight Talk is very angry because they were lied to.When is enough already? I told them that id never speak of what happened in Nebraska if they left me alone but they are trying to push buttons that only brings me closer to God.I have to keep praying for them,I have to forgive them and its not an easy task.I PRAY THAT GOD SENDS HELP,MY PLATE IS FULL LORD,PLEASE DEAR JESUS PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP. HCC Means HELP CARE AND CONCERN. May Gods Blessing Pour Down Upon All That Read This. May my tears grow dry.Please Someone Please help me.
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